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Law Commission of Ontario is looking for your input

The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) is an independent organization that studies laws and makes recommendations to our government about how to make laws fairer, easier to use, and more effective. The LCO is studying the laws that assist people making important decisions. LCO developed two consultation questionnaires, one for persons who are receiving assistance with decision-making, and another for family members and friends who assist others with decision-making (for example, through a power of attorney). The aim of the questionnaires is to give individuals who are directly affected by the law an opportunity to share their experiences and identify where change is needed.
If you provide support and assistance with decision-making, or if you receive such assistance, for example through a power of attorney or a healthcare proxy,  the LCO would like to hear from you. The LCO’s questionnaires will give you an opportunity to share your experiences. This will help the LCO to make good recommendations for changes to the law. Your opinion and experience matters. 
The questionnaires are available on the LCO’s website at and You can also call or email the LCO and ask for a copy to be mailed or emailed to you.