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SSO supports Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) will be taking place between October 5 and October 11 of this year. The Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) coordinates this week in "an effort to raise awareness and to end the stigma” often attached to people who experience mental illness. MIAW gives SSO the opportunity to share real stories of people living with schizophrenia — extraordinary individuals who are engaged in their own individual and meaningful recovery journeys. Kirk Wiscombe and Tami Afriat have generously agreed to share their stories with the wider public as a way to educate and to push back against stigma. Kirk’s story is the first one to be featured this week, and you can read it here
Stigma is still a reality for many Canadians experiencing mental illness. Over 61 per cent of people who live with a mental illness are currently outside the labour force. This is upwards of 80 per cent for people who live with schizophrenia. Over 46 per cent of Canadians surveyed have indicated that they few mental illness as an excuse for bad behaviour while 27 per cent are fearful of someone with a mental illness. This is despite the fact that every day over 500, 000 Canadians will miss work due to mental illness and over 1 in 5 will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime.
In addition to stories, SSO will be sharing real facts about schizophrenia and psychosis over its social media channels to combat the negative stereotypes that are often associated with these conditions. We are also offering a list of mental health resources below that can be accessed by anyone seeking help and advice.
To find out more about MIAW, visit the CAMIMH website here.
Phone lines  
SSO’s Ask The Expert — 1.800.449.6367 or
ConnexOntario Mental Health Helpline — 1.866.531.2660
Distress Centre — 416.408.4357
Gerstein Centre — 416.929.5200
Kid's Help Phone — 1-800.668.6868
LGBTQ Youth Line — 1-800.268.9688
Online and physical resources
Distress Centres Ontario   
Young Ones