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SSO Shares its Vision for a National Housing Strategy

From June to October 2016, the federal government asked Canadians for their views, insights and priorities for housing in Canada, including what a national vision for housing should look like. The Let’s Talk Housing consultations included an online survey, written submissions, social media engagement and focus groups, and will help shape a National Housing Strategy for Canada.
Although there are many efforts to address homelessness and housing needs underway across jurisdictions, Canada currently remains the only G8 nation without a National Housing Strategy.
SSO believes that access to affordable, safe and appropriate housing is a human right and has long called for a National Housing Strategy. To support the federal government’s work in this area, SSO completed the online consultation, which included the following highlights: 
  • The vision of housing in Canada should include the objectives of housing being safe and sustainable, in addition to being affordable.
  • A National Housing Strategy must address the unique housing needs of Canadians who are low income and other distinct groups, including people with mental illness.
  • A comprehensive housing system should be flexible (e.g., with a continuum of supports), easy to navigate and free of stigma and discrimination.
  • Outcomes of an effective housing strategy must include how well people are able to remain housed as well as how satisfied people are with their housing. 
Full consultation highlights can be found on the Let’s Talk Housing website, along with more information about the consultation:
A national housing strategy is expected to be released in 2017.