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Peace and Connection Keeps Jesse Dedicated to the SSO Yogathon

Jesse Bigelow is no stranger to the Peace of Minds Yogathon. He was introduced to yoga through Yogi Tambiraja, an SSO volunteer who started the Peace of Minds Yogathon over ten years ago.

“I did not like yoga at first, I found it to be too difficult,” Jesse says. “After sticking with it for a while, it started to help me with my mental health. Yoga became an outlet that helped me relax and cope with stress.”

Jesse, who lives with schizophrenia, practices yoga regularly. “Yoga is peaceful. It connects the mind to the body and helps me focus on the present moment,” he says. “Yoga has become an integral part of my treatment program that helps with daily challenges.”

A member of SSO’s speaker’s bureau and a public speaker, Jesse has been a constant presence at the Peace of Minds Yogathon. Whether he is telling his story to attendees or participating in classes throughout the day, he is always there to support.

“The Yogathon is an important event for the community, it’s a way to come together while also supporting a good cause,” he says. “I am excited to participate in another year of this great event.”

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