Advocating to improve the quality of life for people and families affected by mental illness has always been a priority for the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (SSO). Since our inception in 1979, SSO has been actively advocating for policy and system changes benefitting people with schizophrenia and psychosis and their families. Our commitment to community engagement, empowerment and system change has led us to draw upon the strengths of those directly affected by schizophrenia and psychotic illnesses, as well as mobilize individuals, sectors and organizations to advocate for change.
How You Can Be Involved
The advocacy work that SSO does would not be possible without support in communities from people like you. Each and every person has the power to change the system for the better, and we see it as part of our job to help you do this.
SSO encourages people living with or affected by mental illness, their families and anyone else with an interest in creating meaningful change to become an advocate. Social change or changes to the way care and support is structured today can significantly improve quality of life for all who are affected by mental health issues. There are several ways that you can do this:
1) Become part of our Advocacy Coalition! By joining the Coalition, you will:
• Stay informed about current national, provincial and local mental health initiatives
• Hear from SSO about ways you can be involved in advocacy and provide input into policy
• Learn more about effective advocacy strategies
• Be part of a common initiative and make a difference

To sign up to receive information about emerging issues and advocacy opportunities, e-mail info@schizophrenia.on.ca with the subject line "Access to Treatment Coalition" or call 1-800-449-6367.
2) Do your own advocacy 
• Contact your MPP
• Write a letter to the editor
• Share your story through speaking engagements
• Talk to the media
• Spread the word to family, friends and co-workers to increase awareness about schizophrenia                     and psychosis and the barriers that people living with these conditions face.

Youth Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit is specially designed for young people who want to advocate for change in the mental health. This toolkit gives you the tools, tips, and resources to make a difference. You can download it here


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