Patricia Purshouse

Patricia Purshouse is a wife, a daughter, a sister, and an aunt. She has battled many obstacles after being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in her early 20s.  When she was first diagnosed, the messages from service providers centred on things she would no longer be able to do in her life, which was devastating. She is a strong believer in the recovery model and knows that everyone can move forward—no matter where they are in life.
Patricia started working in the mental health field in the 1990's.  She eventually began to work at a mainstream mental health agency where she had numerous roles, including Support Coordinator, and Team Leader of a crisis beds program.  After managing a housing program at another agency she decided to go back to school for her MSW.
Patricia speaks for SSO in Oakville. The staff in the Oakville office took her under their wing and provided her volunteer roles to keep her busy when she was recovering.  She has a great regard for SSO and the hope and support it brings to families who are struggling or are in pain.  She aims to give a message of hope in her speeches. 

If you would like Patricia to speak at your event, please contact SSO at