Tami Afriat

Tami Afriat is an entrepreneur. She runs her own home business in what she describes as her path to financial independence. Tami is proud of her success — happy to overcome the discrimination and stigma that too often create barriers for people living with schizophrenia.

Tami was first diagnosed with schizophrenia while attending York University. She was just 20 years old. She believed her professors and classmates were conspiring against her. Through York University’s counselling services, she was referred to CAMH and lived there for over three months, receiving treatment. Tami was determined to finish what she started at university and graduated with an Honours BA in English and Women’s Studies. Tami eventually married and had a daughter, but had relapses due to the stress related to her past experiences with schizophrenia.

Although she was again admitted to several hospitals, she didn’t get the help she needed — until she phoned SSO. Tami was able to access one-on-one counselling at SSO. She credits these sessions with helping her significantly in her recovery journey.

“Through these sessions I learned a lot about communication, and was able to work through many problems that had been with me for years. I’m grateful for the help I received from SSO,” Tami says.

Tami has overcome many barriers to work, including not being hired — or being let go — simply because she lives with schizophrenia. Through a government program and being granted exclusive rights to a specific brand of electric toothbrush, Tami now runs a successful business online.  She enjoys significant support from her husband of 10 years and loves being a mother to their five year old daughter.  

She now shares her story of illness and recovery to help others facing similar challenges. Most of all, she shares it to give back to SSO — who gave her just the help she needed along the way.  

Please contact SSO at info@schizophrenia.on.ca if you would like to have Tami speak at your event.