Medication Resource Centre

The Medication Resource Centre provides information on antipsychotic medications and other psychotropic medications used in Ontario to treat schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses. You will find general information on all medications approved by Health Canada and details on specific medications. 

Reviewed by people living with schizophrenia, family members and members of SSO’s Scientific Advisory Council – Jie Ling Wang, RPh, Dr. Gary Remington, M.D., PhD, FRCPC, and Dr. Tony P. George, M.D., FRCPC. (March 2012; updated August 2016 and December 2017)

The Medication Resource Centre was supported by a grant from Janssen Inc.



The Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (SSO) defines treatment holistically, including medical support, community support and social support. Medication is just one part of the medical support and the overall care pathway in schizophrenia and psychotic illnesses.

Always consult your physician or a qualified member of your healthcare team for specific and current information. The naming or omission of any organization, product, resource, or alternative therapy on this site does not imply endorsement or disapproval by SSO.

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Download the Medication Resource Centre document in PDF here.