Let's Talk Cannabis Forum

NovĀ  02 2018

On November 1, family members, caregivers, professionals and individuals with lived experience attended our ‘Let’s Talk Cannabis’ community forum. Held at Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton, our expert panel included Erin Boudreau, manager of government relations and policy at SSO, Dr. Suzanne Archie, Clinical Director – Cleghorn Early Intervention in Psychosis Program, Penny Burley, Executive Director, Alternatives for Youth and Ilyas Khamis who spoke about his personal experience with cannabis and psychosis.

With cannabis becoming legal in Canada on October 17, there are a lot of questions and concerns surrounding the affects of cannabis on young people and its connection to psychosis.

Topics discussed during the evening included cannabis legislation, the link between cannabis use and psychosis in young people, whether or not cannabis is addictive and the various contents found in cannabis and how they can affect you.

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