Fall Economic Statement, November 2019

The Government of Ontario’s Fall Economic Statement, released November 6, 2019, confirmed many of the investments described in the 2019 Budget and set the way for the 2020 Budget. Some notable features from the Statement include:
  • •   An overall increase in spending of $1.3-billion on health, education, social services, child care and education.
  • •   Increased investments in building small- and medium-sized hospitals.
  • •   New mental health supports in schools including an enhanced mental health curriculum and mental health staff to support students.
  • •   New models of care for responding to 911 calls, which can divert appropriate callers from hospital emergency departments to mental health crisis centres and can provide referrals to community health care.
We remain encouraged by the government’s ongoing commitment to mental health through their $1.9-billion dollar commitment over the next 10 years, of which $174-million were invested in vital services in 2019. We will be sharing our recommendations for the 2020 Budget with the government early in the New Year to advocate for further investment in important services and supports to ensure that Ontarians with mental illness get the care they need, when they need it.

To read our submission, click here. Accessible PDF available