Scholarship Program

SSO’s scholarship program is one of Canada’s only bursary programs dedicated to funding educational opportunities for people affected by schizophrenia or psychosis.

Many people who apply for SSO scholarships have had their education disrupted by their illness. Often the symptoms of schizophrenia makes it difficult for people to complete their education. SSO’s scholarship program helps people achieve their dreams and goals.

Program Overview

The Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (SSO) scholarship program is Canada’s only bursary program dedicated to funding educational opportunities for individuals affected by schizophrenia or psychosis. Our program has been providing funds for educational pursuits since 2003, and to date we’ve supported over 100 students and awarded approximately $250 000.

In addition to being the only bursary program of its kind, SSO’s scholarship program realizes educational goals are not limited to traditional forms of higher education and also funds practical education opportunities like GEDs, vocational schooling, professional designations, and skills upgrading opportunities to help people re-enter the workforce.


SSO offers the following scholarships each year to eligible applicants:

  • Schizophrenia Society of Ontario Scholarship: For individuals living with schizophrenia or psychosis. Funded by individual designated donations
  • Say Yes to Me Scholarship:  For individuals living with schizophrenia. Funded by Otsuka-Lundbeck
  • Klara Boadway Memorial Scholarship: For young female identified persons living with schizophrenia or psychosis, pursuing an education in the health, social sciences or social services fields. Funded by Richard Boadway
SSO Scholarship Program FAQ

Am I eligible for a Schizophrenia Society of Ontario scholarship? Criteria are clearly outlined in the application package, applicants are encouraged to review and ensure eligibility prior to applying.

I meet the eligibility criteria for more than one scholarship, do I have to fill out more than one application? No. Applicants are only required to submit one application to be considered for the scholarships they’re eligible for.

Is my school of choice eligible for funding? Applicants must be attending, or planning to attend, an accredited university or college, vocational institute, trade school or high school equivalency program. Eligible programs also include private universities, accredited online institutions, and skills-upgrading or continuing education opportunities.

How can I apply? Application packages can be accessed via our website . You may submit your completed applications by mail, email or fax on or before the posted due date.

How much are SSO scholarships worth? SSO scholarships typically range from between $1000- $5000, with the average amount being around $2500.

What is the deadline?  The deadline for 2019/2020 scholarship applications has passed. 

Will I get confirmation that my application package was received? All applicants will receive a confirmation email that their application package was received. Within the week of the due date all applicants will receive an email confirming their application was received in its entirety. Should an application be missing any of the required documents, a follow-up email will be sent for resubmission.

When will I be notified if my application was successful? All applicants will be sent information regarding timeline and next-steps at the same time they receive confirmation that their application package was received in its entirety.

When will I receive the money? Recipients do not receive the money directly, cheques will be sent to the education institution they’re attending and applied to their student account.

What if, due to unforeseen circumstances, I’m not able to continue my education? If you cannot start your program as planned, please contact the Scholarship Program Coordinator to discuss your situation. Scholarships can be deferred for up 24 months due to illness related issues. In these instances, money will stay in your student account with your chosen educational institution.

If you decide that you do not want to continue with your schooling for any other reason you must complete the refund process with your chosen school and the money must be returned to SSO.